Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Friday

About two weeks ago I order the JNL Fusion workout system. I had been eyeing this program for a while and finally caved and decided to buy it. I scoured the internet trying to find reviews and testimonials of the product and could barely find any??! But my love for JNL made me cave…

I started the program on Monday and its pretty fun! A little about the program... it is somewhat similar to Insanity with the circuits 30 secs strength then 30 secs cardio. It’s surprisingly fun and the workouts range about 30 mins a day/6 days a week.

I like bad news first… So the cons so far are it is pretty expensive. I mean if it works and I finish it, I believe it will be worth it. But $120 is still pretty expensive…
I had read a few reviews that she takes her time between circuits which I didn’t mind the first couple days (as I was gasping for air) but they weren’t kidding! She practically introduces everyone in the room.

Pros... I love her in general!! She’s nice to look at and I really enjoy her upbeat energy. People have stated, “she’s annoying” or “she’s so corny.” But hey I like her! She doesn’t terrify me the way Jillian Michaels does. I really enjoy the alternative moves for beginners, intermediate, and hardcore. Another thing that really stuck out to me was the variety of people in the group working out. The room is filled with fitness gods and goddesses as well as “normal” people who have completed her program. I really enjoyed that!

It’s kinda of hard to give a full review as I am only one week into the program but so far I really enjoy it. I keep the calendar on my fridge and mark off the day after my evening workout. 

Here is my week one picture. I almost didn’t post it as I am not happy with where I am at (blaming school, work, and bad eating). But hey everyone has to start somewhere right?!

Love always xoxo, Steph

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Hello loves!! Long time no blog I know...

During my winter vacation (yes, I actually had some time away from both work AND school) I  headed down to Arizona to visit a good friend of mine. During our trip we actually went on a small road trip to stay in Flagstaff. For those of you who don't know (this included me... hehehe) Flagstaff is a hot spot for snowboarding and skiing! Neither of us had ever snowboarded before so we weren't really sure what to expect other than falling down... oh and I sure did!!

It was fun don't get me wrong but omgosh it was so hard. I had the hardest time with getting up after falling and hell even falling correctly. After about four hours.. I had enough. I started crying because I was in so much pain. So luckily it was toward the end so we threw in the towel and called it a day.

You wouldn't believe how battered and bruised I was the next day!! We could barely move from our bodies feeling so sore. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!!

Love always xoxo, Steph

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Friday: Favorite Websites and New Program

Oooh Fitness Friday it has been a while!!
So today I wanted to go over my go to fitness websites.
I donno about you guys but I enjoy sticking to preplanned workouts or programs.
I never go into the gym without one.
I feel like they make me more accountable for each day and I am not in there wasting my time.
So my top three websites for grabbing workouts are.....
1. Fitness Rx- a website (and also a magazine) dedicated to training and nutrition for women.
I love this website (and the magazine which I recently subsribed too) because they will have print and go workouts. They will breakdown each day, each exercise, and they are super motivational too.
Be sure to check this site out, their recipes are pretty delicious too!!
2. Bodyrock.Tv aka The Daily HIIT- I cannot rave enough about how great this site is for short workouts that will kick your ass!! Basically they provide you free workouts that you can do at home or take to the gym (which I do). I am still getting use to the new site but I have always loved Lisa and Freddy!!!
3. I recently fell in love this site as I stumbled acrossed it on the internet. My girl crush Jamie Eason (don't judge me shes fantastic!!!) promotes different series on the website so of course I was in! The website is great and jam packed full of information, including workouts, supplements, calculators to see how much calories or proteins you should be intaking....
All and all a great site.
So I decided I am going to begin Jamie Eason's LiveFit Series on Basically its a 12 week program broken down into three phases and assists you in monitoring what you should be eating and supplementing. i really need to get back into a program to monitor my eating and really enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
Especially since I will be traveling more for work I need to monitor myself better you know?!
I will be preparing my meals for the week on Sunday, would you guys be interested in seeing me pack all my meals for the week?
 What are your favorite places to get workouts or health advice??
Love Always xoxo, Steph

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lets Talk: Acne part 2

Hellooo my loves!!
I can't believe this is my first post in the new year!
Trust me, I have already gotten my hand slapped for not blogging lol
Okay so I know many of you wanted a full review of the Clinique Acne Solutions line and here it is!!

And the question on every ones mind.... Hows my skin??!!

Well drum roll please......
My skin is CLEAR, ya that's right CLEAR.

(Well I do have one spot... but hey its that time of month and it doesn't count okay lol)

I cannot believe how well these products worked on my skin.
 I couldn't be happier with this line and will definitely repurchase in the future.

Okay each product in details....

Cleanser: I originally used the foaming face wash and hated it. It never felt like a deep clean using the foam. It claims to remove makeup (which I always remove before washing anyways) and even with these "properties" it just didn't work for me. Not to mention the foam was a waste of money!! I went through it so fast, not even a month and it was gone... I was like umm oh heck no!!
I went to Clinique and told them I hated it.. and then they introduced me to the love of my life...

The cleansing bar... this bar goes!!! It even comes in a cute little case to keep it safe from bacteria and water getting on it if your in the shower. I love this bar!! It gets deep down in my pores and I can lather up as much foam as I want without worrying I'll run out. I have had the bar for about a month and haven't even made a dent. I expect this to last for a long time.

The clarifying lotion aka toner..... hands down the best toner I have ever used and I am a toner whore. No really I probably have 5 different brands in my bathroom that I barely used. I could tell a difference in my skin right away after I started using this. It cleans my face and gets rid of all the oil without stripping or drying out my face. When I did have little bumps I would put a little extra of this on those spots and they would dry out in no time. Its like a little miracle worker!!
Moisturizer Dramatically Different Lotion.... Best moisturizer I have ever used. This little bad boy has won all kinds of awards and I am sure everyone has heard of this stuff. Since my face is dry combination I didn't get the acne solutions moisturizer in fear it would dry out my face. I love this stuff, I never feel greasy or look oily. For a lotion its pretty lightweight but gets the job done.

So its official I am in love! I have never seen my skin so clear, it really has been years.
I hope you guys enjoyed the review.
Please feel free to leave me questions in the comments section below!!
Love always xoxo, Steph

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Tag

Can you believe there is only two weeks left till Christmas?!! Omgosh I really need to start shopping, especially since this year my family is celebrating this weekend! But luckily my family does the secret Santa (we pick one person to shop for that year) so I really only need to go get my person something. You might be asking why are you celebrating so early? Well a couple months ago the bf and I booked our trip for Christmas in…. Disneyland!! Omgosh I couldn’t be more excited to go. And to think next weekend we will be headed down!
We set up our Christmas tree on Sunday isn’t she pretty??! We always have a themed tree for the last couple years we have done red and gold, this year we decided to go with blue and silver.
I decided to do a quick holiday tag because... well I thought it would be fun!!
TAG questions:

1.Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie?

Christmas Vacation, I watch it every year on Chirstmas Day in my pjs its my favorite holiday tradition

2. Whats Your Favorite Christmas Color?

I love the combination of red and gold

3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?

I usually dress up on Christmas Eve and stay in my pjs on Christmas

4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?

My Mom. I plan on buying her the Quentin Tuerintino box set

5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?

Christmas Eve

6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?

Of course!

7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?

I just want to relax and spend time with my family and friends

8. Any Christmas Wishes?

All my wishes are coming true J
9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
Those candles that smell like Christmas cookies yummmm!!!

10. Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat?

Pizza and beer!! That’s right, its quick, easy and stress free!!!

11) Which holiday do you celebrate?
Basically all of them

12) What are you doing for the holidays this year?

We are going to Disneyland J

13) What's your favorite holiday drink?

Ummm idk wine?! and mimosas in the morning

14) Candy cane or Gingerbread men

Strawberry candy canes are delicious! But I am not a huge fan of either one!

15) What's your favorite holiday/Christmas song?

Jingle Bell Rock.. I always think about Mean Girls when I hear it lol

16) What's the weirdest gift you've ever received?

I’ll share a tradition my bf and I do EVERY year… we always buy each other new socks for stocking stuffers lol

17) Have you ever made a snowman?

Yea but not since I was a kid, I really need to add some snow to my life!

18) What is your favorite winter fragrance?

Like perfume? Or scent?? I use the same perfume year round, but I like vanilla or warmer body wash scent in winter

19) What is at the top of your list this Christmas? (or whichever holiday you celebrate!)

Honestly I really don’t ask for anything… and don’t really have a wish list. I do really want a Keurig that would be pretty wonderful!

20) What is most important to you about the holidays?

Spending time with my family and counting my blessings. Christmas is especially important to me and the bf it is kind of a long story (save it for a blog post)... but lets put it this way it is truly a blessing to be a part of each other’s lives and it really brought us together.
What are some of your holiday traditions? Be sure to let me know if you do this tag, I would love to see your answers!!
Love Always xoxo, Steph

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lets Talk: Acne

Acne… ughh the dreaded word!! And whats even worse than that… adult acne.

Its like so wait… your telling me, even after surviving high school and all those crazy hormones.. I am having acne as an adult?? Wtheck?!!
I was blessed throughout my teenage years of having clear skin. It wasn’t until I hit my twenties I started battling with acne. It was the weirdest thing, it was like one day my skin thought it would be fun to switch it up!!
I have dry combination skin, which basically means my face is pretty dry, except my t-zone I tend to get a little oily throughout the day. The problem with having dry skin and acne is it’s a vicious cycle… let me explain
When you have dry skin, your skin wants to produce more oil to keep hydrated.
Okay go on…
But most acne products out there are developed for oily skinned people to dry out the oil that causes acne.
Still with me?
But when dry skinned people use acne products that dry their skin out even more, the skin reacts by creating more oil that….
Causes more acne!!!
Welcome to my life. I constantly have to struggle with finding the right products that will work for my skin type.
I recently decided to go back to Clinique and try their three step system. I went to my local Clinique counter to see what they recommended for my skin. The girls working there were WONDERFUL and I couldn’t believe I had three girls (including a manager) trying to figure out what exactly I needed to clear my skin up.

After much debate we decided to go with the Acne Solutions foaming cleanser, toner, and the dramatically different moisturizing lotion for my three step system (I didnt get the acne solutions mositurizer because I was worried it would dry me out). I use system twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.
My results so far….
I have been using the system for about three weeks now and am starting to see some changes.
 Within the first week it dried out some small bumps I had on my chin area (which is where I mainly break out). But on my second week I started to experience some really bad spots, which I am assuming is from cleaning deep down in my pores and getting all that nasty out!! I do have to say the toner is working wonders, especially by drying everything out without over drying my skin. This week my skin is looking much clearer, and all those bad spots have calmed down.
I will do a thorough review of each of these products in about a month or so. I want to give my skin a chance to see how these products work for me and my skin.
Then I will be able to tell you what wokred for me and what ended up being thrown out the car window!! JK
Love always, Steph

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Confession: Why Can't We Be Friends?

 Hi I am Stephanie, I am 23 and I don't really have any friends. This post actually took some time for me to write just because admitting you don’t have any friends is pretty rough like yeah…. Who doesn’t have friends? Well me.
I’ll admit I do have a handful… some close and some very far away. And the crazy thing is I am closer to my bestie on the other end of the U.S than I am with the one I had here... It seems as I have gotten older the relationships change, and the people I considered my best friends are no longer around. Life grabs a hold and priorities and interests change along with the relationship. It is really pretty sad. I am left with this empty feeling of having no one to talk to.
Don’t get it twisted though my boyfriend is seriously my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. We tell each other everything and he knows me better than I know myself! He has always been my shoulder to lean on and has always been supportive of me no matter what the situation.
But wanting girlfriends is different… I have always longed for a close knit group of girlfriends that shared the same ambition as me, that go out shopping, have drinks, and share secrets with. You know like sex and the city? Hahaha but really…
So I am on the hunt to meet new friends… But it is seriously no joke!! Meeting other women to become friends with is kinda hard! Like striking up a conversation with a complete stranger and not coming off as creepy?
Lol omgosh please tell me some of you know what I am talking about and I am not weirdo!!
I decided to join it is basically a web site dedicated to different types of groups that well... meet up lol I had been looking to join a women’s group to meet some people with similar interests as me and stumbled across what seems like a good one in my area. Tonight is my first one… YIKES I am so nervous and not really sure what to expect. I am hoping that the happy hour drink specials will help ;) Not to mention nobody knows each other so we’ll all be on the same level!!
Wish me luck tonight as this is totally out of my comfort zone, but maybe its time to try something new?
Have you guys experienced losing friends? Struggles making new ones? Tell me about your experiences !!
Also here is a sneek peek of what I am wearing tonight...

 Jacket by Jack and Tank from Target

Love always xoxo, Steph